Prof. ir.

Wim van den Bergh Architect


“Theater of Re-Presentation”

Contemplations for Copenhagen 1/6

The Cartography of the Pause, Visions for Copenhagen Cultural Capital of Europe 1996

Publication: 1995/02, 1996/02, 2002/04

Exhibition: Charlottenborg Udstillingsbygning, 28.12.1995 / 04.02.1996


Selected Invitations





The reading of the signs within the 'Templum' represented by the four views and the aerial photograph.

A park that implies a microcosm of scenes, the 'Scena Tragica' in form of the palace.

The 'Scena Comica' in form of the city in the background.

And the 'Scena Satirica' as the park itself.


The 'theme' for this specific 'Templum'.

Spontaneous theater


The laying out of the 'Template' of the labyrinth and its directions.

The UTM Grid point is projected to be the center of a cross laid out in the directions of the UTM Grid, this cross is marked by four points in such a way that these points form a square of 4.80 x 4.80 m. Within this square these corner-points are then used as the centers of four angles of 1.20 m. The cross, the angles and the points are the basis to construct the labyrinth-diagram. The end-point of the labyrinth's route faces the center of the park and will be the center from which the construction of the labyrinth-diagram is started.


The assessing of the signs by the rules of the inaugurator's science, so the proposal of a design.

The Theater of Re-presentation is a pavilion like structure that allows a multitude of different forms

of 'theater' to take place.


'Scena Classica' or 'Scena Tragica'

'Scena Gotica' or 'Scena Comica'

'Scena Rustica' or 'Scena Satirica'

Floor plan

Model looking from the South

Conregio + Cortumio

Model looking from the West

Possible forms of use

- Theater with 3 different scenes as the public moves around.

- Music performance and dancing around

- Film viewing

- Speakers corner

Model looking from the North

Model looking from above

Model looking from above

with light coming through the veins of the vertical plywood

Model looking from the East

Model looking from the South-West

Model looking from the South-West

South-West elevation

North-East elevation

North-West elevation

South-East elevation

Model looking from the North-East

Model looking from the North-East

Model looking from the North-West

Model looking from the North-West

Model looking from the South-East

Model looking from the South-East

Perspective looking towards North

Exterior view on the front side of the translucent paper

Perspective looking towards North

Interior view on the back side of the translucent paper