Prof. ir.

Wim van den Bergh Architect

“Traeleborg Theater”
Contemplations for Copenhagen 1/14

The Cartography of the Pause, Visions for Copenhagen Cultural Capital of Europe 1996

Publication: 1995/02, 1996/02, 2002/04
Exhibition: Charlottenborg Udstillingsbygning, 28.12.1995 / 04.02.19961995_02f_Traeleborg_Theater_files/1987%3A02%20Amsterdam%20Kattenlaan.key


Selected Invitations





The reading of the signs within the 'Templum' represented by the four views and the aerial photograph.

A Boulevard: a broad city street, often tree-lined and landscaped. French, from Old French ‘boloart', ‘belouart’, rampart, promenade converted from an old rampart, from Middle Dutch ‘bolwerc’, bulwark. Bulwark: a wall or wall-like structure raised as a defensive fortification, a rampart. A boulevard that misses its bulwark? A field, or a landscape that is not landscaped? A platform with traces of former buildings and columns, a tower that isn’t a tower.


The 'theme' for this specific 'Templum'.

Box of Miracles.


The laying out of the 'Template' of the labyrinth and its directions.

The construction of a labyrinth-diagram on to the location and the determination of its exact placement and directions according to the UTM Grid point takes place as follows. The UTM Grid point is projected to be the center of a cross laid out in the directions of the UTM Grid, this cross is marked by four points in such a way that these points form a square of 4.80 x 4.80 m. Within this square these corner-points are then used as the centers of four quarter-circles with a radius of 1/2 x 4.80 = 2.40 m. and four quarter-circles with a radius of 1/2 x 2.40 = 1.20 m. After that the entrance of the labyrinth is determined by choosing a point on the square between two of the quarter-circles, this then also defines the end-point since this will be situated on the line that leads from the entrance point via the UTM Grid point on the square. The entrance will be facing the old city in the direction of the boulevard and the bridge. The end-point will be the

center from which the construction of the labyrinth-diagram is started.


The assessing of the signs by the rules of the inaugurator's science, so the proposal of a design.

The Træleborg-theater or Box of Miracles is a collection of different theaters within one volume, an Arena, an Amphi-theater, a Puppet-theater, a Projection-theater, a Panorama-theater and a Speakers-theater.


What could an offensive bulwark be, what an offensive fortification?

Level 0 - 1500+

  1. 1. Spectators entrance

  2. 2. Ticket booth

  3. 3. Ticket control

  4. 4. Office

  5. 5. Performers dressing room

  6. 6. Performers stage entrance

  7. 7. Stage

  8. 8. Arena

  9. 9. Café

  10. 10.Terrace

  11. 11.Toilets

  12. 12.Storage

Section  North-East / South-West

Conregio + Cortumio

Model looking from the East

Level 1500 - 3500+

13.Puppet theater

14.Puppet stage


16.Stage balcony

17.Projection theater

18.Projection screen

19.Projection stage

Model looking from the South

Model looking from the West

Model looking from the North

Model looking from the South-East

Model looking from the North-West

Perspective looking towards South

Exterior view on the front side of the translucent paper

Perspective looking towards South

Interior view on the back side of the translucent paper

Level 3500 - 5500+

Level 5500 - 6500+

20.Panorama balcony

Level 6500 - 9750+

21.Speakers theater


Section  North-West / South-East